Part 1 – Legal Research in Your Pocket: Fee-based Services

The reasons for using apps or mobile optimized sites for your legal research needs are plentiful and getting comprehensive and quality research done while on-the-go is easy with the following eight subscription services apps or mobile optimized sites.

  • Bloomberg BNA On the Go is a free app available only to subscribers and requires an existing username and password. The app gets you access to your Bloomberg BNA Resource Centers from your mobile device.
  • Bloomberg Law (BLaw) offers a free app to select content, but a better option is to access the beautifully rendered mobile optimized site for Droid and Apple devices. A subscription is required and the interface is exactly like the desktop platform. Content includes legal and news searches, tracking of dockets, ability to view and share legal documents, news and company information, legal treatises, and more. Uniquely BLaw offers access to the entire breadth of content for subscribers and any new content added is available automatically.
  • Bloomberg BNA Law Reports app delivers original, authoritative and timely reporting and analysis that includes key legal, legislative, regulatory or business developments for all the BNA newsletters to which you subscribe. As such it requires a username and password for access.
  • CCH Intelliconnect offers subscribers the free IC Mobile app which provides direct access to your IntelliConnect content when you are on the go. You can search, read customized news and alerts, email and save documents to research folders for easy access between the desktop and mobile platforms. For lovers of the Smart Charts and rate tables those too can be accessed for quick answers to your state law questions, and citation templates make it a snap to get the full text of primary source documents.
  • Fastcase offers a free app for Apple and Droid devices; access to the content via the app is also free. The free access on the app lets the researcher quickly pull cases, statutes etc. while in court, on the road, or at home. Access on the desktop site is not free, but is an attractive alternative legal research service that lets you search case-law and statutes at a fraction of the cost of Westlaw or Lexis, and thus especially useful for firms that pass through the costs of Westlaw and Lexis to clients.
  • HeinOnline app is free but you need a subscription to access the content. It is largely a resource for accessing archival digitized legal documents including bar journals, superseded state and federal statutes and regulations, and more. Features include the ability to view the image-based PDFs, access content by citation, browse by volume, navigate a volume with the electronic table of contents, and use full advanced searching techniques.
  • Lexis Advance offers a free app, but you must have a current Lexis Advance subscription and valid ID/password to access the content. Lexis Classic users can access the  mobile optimized site here, which is compatible on all mobile devices. Both offer features similar to the desktop version for searching cases, statutes, secondary resources, etc. available from Lexis.
  • WestlawNext offers a free app available for Apple and Droid devices; you must have a current subscription and valid ID/password for access. Additionally, there is a mobile optimized site for it here. Both of these platforms offer access to cases, statutes, secondary materials, and more, plus most of the features available in the desktop version.

Happy researching! And be on the lookout for Part 2 covering free (non-subscription) legal research apps.






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