Cool Apps Roundup

The sheer number and types of apps is unlimited! The nine apps profiled below fit the category of cool apps that you should consider adding to your arsenal.

  1. Humin is a free, very smart iOS app! By combining your phone, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts and calendar, email and v-mail it is able to connect the many dots between you and your contacts. Instead of presenting your contacts alphabetically, Humin adds context to the relationships you have with your contacts by displaying personal details about each individual, and organizing contacts based on their relationship to you. For example, when viewing a contact, you’ll see a menu of friends you both have in common or if you’re visiting a new city it will serve up contacts in that location first. If you meet someone new and add them to your contacts it allows you to add personal details such as how and where you met and what interests you have in common and then search by those contact details. All in all a really cool human-like app to help you stay organized.
  2. Mailbox is a free app that is currently only available for Gmail and iCloud accounts that lets you quickly swipe messages to your archive or trash, view emails in a chat-like view, snooze emails with a single tap, all while learning from your swipes and snoozes to automate your common actions.
  3. Timeful is a free smart calendar and to-do list app that syncs with Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and Apple iCal, bringing all your calendars and tasks lists together in one place so you can quickly see where you need to be and what you need to be doing. Like Mailbox it also uses smart technology to learn from your responses and makes suggestions for the best times to schedule your future tasks and appointments, so the more you use the app the better it knows your routine, thereby creating a better schedule for you.
  4. Quip is a free productivity app that combines chat, documents, and task lists in one app enabling quick and easy collaboration. Create, share, and edit documents all while chatting and messaging with your project team without having to switch to email. It syncs across all your devices and is also available in a desktop version.
  5. Slack is a free team communication and collaboration app for the iPhone and iPad.  A unique feature is the ability to message entire channels of people chat-room style. Alternatively you can send private messages to individuals. You can create as many channels as you need and organize them by topic. Uploading, sharing, and collaborating on files is easy and you can even see who added the file, when it was added and to which channel. Don’t need or want to collaborate? As long as you don’t upload your documents to a channel, Slack let’s you keep your files private.
  6. Talko is a free app that promotes the value in people actually talking to each other individually or in groups, albeit not face-to-face, rather using technology to do so. An interesting feature of the app is the ability to instantly share photos, documents and more while chatting with people.
  7. Prizmo At only $9.99 this app is a real gem. It let’s you scan and OCR (full text index) text based documents, business cards and images using your mobile device and then export them as PDF/text, vCard, or JPEG. For an additional fee you can add the cool text-to-speech feature with 65 high-quality voices in 20 languages that will read your scanned texts.
  8. CircaNews is a free app touted as the best way to read both breaking and customized news on your phone, and will soon be available for your computer. Designed to save you time and keep informed it delivers important news in a clean and easy to read format to your phone the minute it happens.
  9. AP Mobile is your free go to app for Associated Press news. It includes breaking news from the AP, national, international, and local news from your area.

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