5 Apps to Jump-start Collaboration Efforts

Thanks to a plethora of collaboration apps, business people can compile and share ideas, collaborate on shared documents, host online meetings, chat and more via their mobile devices. Want to collaborate on the go? Consider adding the following apps to your mobile collaboration tool set.

Dropbox is the best known app for file-sharing and document collaboration, allowing you to share PDFs, files and folders with others. It is a free app that comes with 2.5 GB of storage space, with options to upgrade your account at a flat rate of $100 per year for 100 GB of space. It is available for IOS, Droid, Blackberry and Kindle devices.

SimpleMind+ brings the old style whiteboard, aptly called mind maps, to your mobile device turning it into a brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring tool. You even can store the “mind maps” you create in the cloud and synchronize them between devices via Dropbox to share with others.

Huddle, both Web and mobile-based, is a business project application that while not free (basic work group cost is $20/user/month), may be worth the cost, especially if your project team is spread across a large geographic area. Its suite of tools is designed to help teams share files and plan projects. Users can view, edit and annotate a document, and then save the edited version back to Huddle for team members to access. Additional features include the ability to assign tasks to colleagues, attach relevant documents, track the team members progress and automatic progress updates and reminders to help in meeting goals.

ZoHo offers a suite of apps designed to address a variety of collaboration needs, ranging from document sharing, chatting, project management, remote online discussions and hosting secure online meetings. Like Huddle, it is both Web and mobile-based and most modules have a basic free edition and more robust fee-based editions.

Quip is similar to Google Drive, but takes things a few steps further via allowing teams and individuals to comment, tag, and message each  from within the documents everyone is working on, and because it works across many device platforms it syncs across all your devices, and makes it easy for teams to collaborate using their preferred variety of mobile equipment.



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One Response to 5 Apps to Jump-start Collaboration Efforts

  1. Brian Jones says:

    Quip is great, and Dropbox is absolutely essential for background implementation of most collaboration suites, but I have to give Evernote the ultimate nod. It’s just the best, particularly for teams (like lawyers) that have to be able to keep track of and access tons of information on the quick and on the go. I also suggest Google’s Apps, Backpack, Yammer, and Slack. Notably absent from this list–and justifiably so–is Microsoft’s Office, which is still, unfortunately, the platform most enterprise workers are using. As far as collaboration goes, it’s just horrible. True collaboration means more than just tracking changes (which itself is horrible), but Redmond just doesn’t seem to get it.

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