What Impact Will Newsweek Going Digital Only Have on Law Firms?

At first blush, the recent announcement by Newsweek that it was going digital only seemed both groundbreaking and possibly foolhardy.

This change, while not the first of its kind–in 2010 U.S. News and World Report went digital only–will certainly not be the last, as more people and companies embrace digital-only content.  What impact will this shift have on the legal industry?

Consider the following potential impacts:

  • An increased push for more attorneys to embrace the Web, iPads, and other tablet devices due to more content only being available digitally;
  • A further reduction in print media in law firm libraries due to increased overhead costs of maintaining traditional print collections for an ever shrinking number of customers; and
  • An increase in digital content use by clients will lead to increased consumption of that content by attorneys.

In the immediate future, we can expect to continue seeing many publications being offered in both print and digital formats.  However, the timeline for publishers offering print alongside digital is certain to shorten considerably.  What started as print publications may well become solely resources for attorneys on the go as publishers strive to meet the customers where they are, which is clearly more and more online.

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Bose McKinney & Evans LLP is a business law firm, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, serving both publicly held and privately held businesses, governmental entities and high-growth industries. Our clients include Fortune 100 companies, international manufacturers, national and regional financial institutions, agribusinesses, sports teams, university-incubated start-ups, media, utilities, cities and schools, to name a few. We strive to build strong relationships with our clients as key business advisors, to exceed expectations in the quality of our work, to be knowledgeable about our clients’ businesses and sectors, to be responsive to service needs and to continually seek to improve the delivery of client services. Our ultimate focus is on our clients.
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